Meet Roscoe Tosscobble

I finished reading the new Player’s Handbook last night, and I’m getting ready to write my review, but first I made another character. I’ve mentioned him before; the Halfling Sorcerer who wants to be a cook. I’ve made new 5e stats for him, and this time I used a character sheet.




Ok, so the plan was to get up kind of early, read a bunch of my shiney new 5e Player’s Handbook and do a review while also building a character like I said I was going to a little while ago. But, in keeping with a theme any regular readers may have picked up on…. I got really drunk last night and thus slept really late. Then I came home and started to read and fell asleep again.

Oh, booze, will I never learn?

So the reason today’s post is so late is because I just now finished with reading the minimum to build a character and then… y’know, building a character. Ladies and gentlemen meet Myrarrogos, Drow Cleric!


Race: Elf (Drow)

Class/Level: Cleric 1 (Worships Lolth, Trickery Domain)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Abilities (Modifiers): Str 14 (+2) Dex 10 (+0) Con 13 (+1) Int 10 (+0) Wis 15 (+2) Cha 13 (+1)

Skill Proficiencies (Total Mod): History (+2), Insight (+4) Perception (+4) Religion (+2)

Proficient Saves: Wisdon (+4) Charisma (+3)

Weapon Proficiencies: rapiers, shortswords, hand crossbows, all simple weapons

Passive Wisdom (Perception): 14

AC 13 (from armor and shield)

Attacks: Mace +2 (dmg 1d6+2) Light Crossbow +0 (dmg 1d8)

Cantrips Known: Sacred Flame, Light, Spare the Dying

2 1st level spell slots

Domain Spells: charm person, disguise self

Blessing of the Trickster: Give another advantage of Dex (Stealth), last 1 hour or until next use

Background: Acolyte

Personality Traits: Tolerant of other faiths, Little experience outside of temple

Ideal: Change

Bond: Revenge on temple

Flaw: Inflexable

Backstory: The woman who eventually would be know as Myrarragos grew up in service to a temple to Lolth, being primed to become a priestess. But shortly before being ordained she encountered an Elf slave, who displayed a confidence and assertiveness that she thought men and non-Drow incapable of. This led to her rethinking many of the tenants of her faith, and the social inequalities in Drow society stemming from that faith, and she became a reformist… or as other Drow would say, a heretic. She was exiled from the temple and forced out into the surface world, where she has struggled to reconcile her Drow upbringing with her new beliefs, all the while vowing to someday return to the Underdark and force her reformist ideas on her former sisters.

Myrarragos is progressive and tolerant by Drow standards, but people of other races will still find her mean and judgmental. Her foward thinking rhetoric (that males and non-Drow aren’t inferior to female Drow) often clashes with her behavior, which is far more in light with what one would expect of someone of her race. She isn’t evil, but is leaning on the eviler side of neutrality.

So a couple of quick things I want to call attention to before signing off.

1. As you know, I don’t have a whole lot of D&D experience, and I’m not super familiar with the Drow. Myrarragos’s backstory is based on basic descriptions I’ve been given. If something here doesn’t jive, that’s why.

2. Last time I talked about 5e I was bemoaning the reduction in the importance of skills, and I still don’t like it, but as you can see I was wrong about only having 2 proficient skills. You get proficiencies from class, race, and background. In this character’s case, there was overlap, it’s possible to have more than the for this character has.

Between now and next Saturday I’m going to try to get the whole book read to do a proper review. I’ve already spotted somethings that are worth talking about, but I don’t know enough about them yet. However, I don’t think I’m going to hate the new system.

(It’s possible I may even like it!)

Disjointed thoughts on D&D

My original plan for today was to finish reading the new D&D basic rules, build a character, and talk about the process. However, I’ve decided to wait on that. The reason for that is that the basic rules pdf has very limited options for characters; specifically, I was going to build a cleric but the pdf only details one domain, Life. The pdf is full of “see the Player’s Handbook for more information” references, so that’s what I’m going to do; I’ll wait until the new PHB is released next month.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I actually don’t have a lot of experience in D&D. I’ve only played in two campaigns that lasted more than a session or two before the group disbanded, and I’ve never DMed a game. I think I’d like to do that sometime.

My favorite D&D character I’ve made was, unfortunately, one in a game that ended right away. We had one session, most of which was character building. He was a Halfling Sorcerer, but he wasn’t really into being a sorcerer or an adventurer. His passion was cooking. I picked the sorcerer class because it’s all about natural talent and intuition instead of training and education, so it seemed like a good class for a reluctant adventurer. All of his spells were things useful in a kitchen, like burning hands and grease, and I spent all of his gold on cooking gear. Though he didn’t think of himself as an adventurer, he really was. He hired himself out to the party so that he could travel the world to learn different recepies and culinary traditions, and to meet great chefs and learn from them. The one session we had with him didn’t have any combat, but my thought was always that he would refuse to fight (“I’m the cook, you guys fight the monsters and I’ll have dinner ready when you’re done”) until something messed with his mobile kitchen. A spare arrow knocks over his pot, ruining his stew, and then the orcs have arcane fire coming at them, that sort of thing.