Disjointed thoughts on D&D

My original plan for today was to finish reading the new D&D basic rules, build a character, and talk about the process. However, I’ve decided to wait on that. The reason for that is that the basic rules pdf has very limited options for characters; specifically, I was going to build a cleric but the pdf only details one domain, Life. The pdf is full of “see the Player’s Handbook for more information” references, so that’s what I’m going to do; I’ll wait until the new PHB is released next month.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I actually don’t have a lot of experience in D&D. I’ve only played in two campaigns that lasted more than a session or two before the group disbanded, and I’ve never DMed a game. I think I’d like to do that sometime.

My favorite D&D character I’ve made was, unfortunately, one in a game that ended right away. We had one session, most of which was character building. He was a Halfling Sorcerer, but he wasn’t really into being a sorcerer or an adventurer. His passion was cooking. I picked the sorcerer class because it’s all about natural talent and intuition instead of training and education, so it seemed like a good class for a reluctant adventurer. All of his spells were things useful in a kitchen, like burning hands and grease, and I spent all of his gold on cooking gear. Though he didn’t think of himself as an adventurer, he really was. He hired himself out to the party so that he could travel the world to learn different recepies and culinary traditions, and to meet great chefs and learn from them. The one session we had with him didn’t have any combat, but my thought was always that he would refuse to fight (“I’m the cook, you guys fight the monsters and I’ll have dinner ready when you’re done”) until something messed with his mobile kitchen. A spare arrow knocks over his pot, ruining his stew, and then the orcs have arcane fire coming at them, that sort of thing.


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