Site stuff and M&M

A few things:

1. You may have noticed that today is Saturday, whereas my other posts were on Fridays. When I started this blog I didn’t have a job. I have a job now. Posts will now come on Saturdays.

2. I think this is also related to new job, but y’all may have noticed from the last two posts that the ideas for stuff to post about have not been flowing as much as they were at the beginning. So any suggestions my readers have (I know there are at least three of you) would be helpful. Also, even though I’m sharing these posts on Facebook, Google+, and as of today, Twitter, I’d like to ask that comments be left here, if possible, so they’re all in one place. Also, it makes the blog’s stats look better. Like, before posting this, the blog itself had one comment, and it was from me.

3. As for some actual gaming discussion, this week I finished running my very first Mutants & Masterminds campaign. One of my players is now taking over the GM role, and I get to explore the game mechanics as a player instead. My M&M campaign ended up being very short, only 9 sessions (did I mention I have a job now?), but followed quite a lot of planning, including studying the system.

The M&M system is based on d20; it has the same core mechanic of d20+trait modifier vs. DC. It has a substantial number of very significant alterations though, making it really its own system. There are some oddities (damage conditions instead of health points) and a couple of kinks (critical attacks impose the worst condition instead of doubling damage, making it possible to take out even the bad-ass of enemies, which totally happened once in my game), but overall I like it, because of its versatility and its non-confining character creation system. You can make any kind of character in this system, and there is nothing (GM rulings aside) that is off-limits, even at the very beginning. If you haven’t already checked out Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition, I’d recommend it.

This campaign was my first true world building experience, as all the other games I’ve GM’d have taken place in established settings. The game was set in a city I made up, but took place in a larger multi-verse that I came up with. Planning the setting was actually more fun to me, I think, than running the game itself. It’s definitely some experience that will come in handy when I get around to figuring out my Dragon’s in WWII concept.

4. In closing, I do want to say I’m glad that folks have been not only reading this blog but enjoying it. Thanks a bunch, and keep comin’ back.


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